Going from web pages to web apps with Python (aka, Django for Designers)

Last week at PyCon 2013, with the assistance of Asheesh Laroia and several other helpful TAs, I delivered an introductory Django tutorial wherein one builds a simple bookmarking application. Instead of the official Django tutorial, I used a different curriculum based on the tutorial I wrote for my IOLab students in fall 2011 (itself based […]

Latest reading

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been reading a startup essay series on the train to and from work. It’s Blake Masters’ notes from a startup class Peter Thiel taught at Stanford last year converted to essay form. It’s been interesting–not quite the mythmaking or buzzword dump that most talk about startups devolves into. It’s […]

Hackathons and Minimum Viable Prototypes

There’s been some prominent blog posts recently questioning the usefulness of hackathon events. Some focus on the cultural issues associated with many hackathons–that by default they appeal to a very homogenous subset of tech workers (aka young white male coders who enjoy subsisting on beer and pizza). This can be mitigated by thoughtful event organizers–advertising […]

If you’re a tech worker in California, make sure you’re not getting screwed

For my first software engineering job out of grad school, I was offered a salary of $80,000 a year. Said job was full-time, non-hourly, and located in San Francisco. I negotiated, because negotiation is Something You’re Supposed to Do, and got a bump up to $82K. Not bad, for 20 minutes of extremely uncomfortable phone […]

Technical recruiting is broken.

Three weeks ago, I went to a UC Berkeley career fair and dropped off a copy of my resume with a certain startup. I’d put a lot of effort into selling myself with this particular resume, and trying to stand out from the crowd (most of the attendees were undergraduate CS majors–most probably with better […]